Arjun Bhadra

Software Engineer, Mobile at Adobe Inc.

Learner | Coder | Gadget Lover | Photographer | Ingress Enlightened | Chess Player


University of California, Irvine

MS Software Engineering

Sep 2015 - Dec 2016

V.E.S. Institute of Technology

BE Information Technology

Jul 2011 - Jun 2015

K.J. Somaiya College


Aug 2009 - Feb 2011

R.N. Gandhi High School


Apr 1999 - Mar 2009

Projects * Click on Project logo for the description *

 Search Engine

Source Code

Search Engine

  • Implemented a search engine for the university website ( domain) Created an index for the crawled pages and developed a ranking algorithm which used PageRank and link analysis among several other ranking techniques.
    Front-End : HTML, CSS, JavaScript Back-End : PHP Crawler & Indexer : Java DB : MySQL
  •   Crime Alert

    Source Code

    Crime Alert - Crime Reporting System

    Developed a distributed crime notification system to provide real time information about crime events and connect victims, witnesses and law enforcement agencies over a common platform. The CrimeAlert application, provides varied levels of quality of service based on the nature of the crime and the intended recipients.

  • Front end consists of Android Application to report crimes and receive crime notifications
  • Middleware developed using Java and notifications broadcasted using Google Cloud Messaging service
  • Data Analytics and unique crime detection engine developed using Python
  • Back end implemented on MongoDB
  •   Places

    Source Code

    Places - A Social Media Application

    Developed an Android application for capturing and sharing moments around places. The app’s feed consists of photos and reviews from around the user’s location. It also displays information about nearby businesses sourced from the FourSquare API.
    It uses Krumbs SDK to capture the event which consists of image, user’s location, emotion, caption etc. and Eventshop SDK to get the captured events

     NodeJS Chat Room APP

    Source Code

    NodeJS Chat Room Application

    Developed a Chat application with multiple chat room support. User can create or leave group using buttons or simple commands.


    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery

     ABC3D AR Game

    Google Playstore Link

    ABC3D Augmented Reality Game to Enhance Literacy

  • It consists of two modules. First module is an alphabet scanner where a user scans a letter (for example "A") and game will recognize the alphabet and display a 3D object starting with that alphabet (for example "Apple" model for “A”) over that letter using Augmented Reality.
  • Demo
  • Second module is Car game, where user has to apply his knowledge from the previous module and collect some objects starting particular alphabets (like collect 5 objects starting with letter 'A'). Technologies used are Vuforia SDK and Unity 3D game engine. It is available for Android OS on google playstore for free
  •  Available on Google playstore

  •   SnappLock


    Snapplock - An Innovative Android Application Locker

    SnappLock is an innovative Android app that protects your private applications from unauthorized access. It uses the front camera of the phone to take a picture of the intruder attempting to access the locked app


    Available on Google Playstore for free:

    Snapplock is Open Source

    Inteligent Business Analytics

    Online portal displaying gadget description and specification, best buy price, comparisons. The unique feature of this portal is the twitter trend, which shows the sentiments of the people regarding the particular gadget. User has to input hashtag of the gadget of which sentiments he want to view, all the tweets with that tag are fetched from twitter and are classified into positive, negative and neutral using the Naive-Bayes classifier.

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Mysql

    Additional APIs: Phirehose, Twitter API

      Health Care Portal

    Source Code

    Health Care Management

    This portal allows patients to create and access their account and view the details like medical history,prescriptions. Patients can also take an online appointment. It also helps doctors to view and manage their schedule.

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Mysql

     Source code:




    Constructed a website to support a fully automated event of online auctioning and trading in real time for 400 simultaneous users.

    Technologies used: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, PHP, Mysql

     Avengers Game



    Name: Avengers
    Description: An action game consisting of Iron Man, Capt. America taking on an array of enemies who have conquered the world. User gets to select a character of his own choice.
    Genre: Action
    Game Engine Used: GameMaker Studio 8.1
    Tools Used: Google Sketchup, Adobe Photoshop

     Source code url:

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