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SnappLock - An App Locker, With a Difference.

When you can protect your data, you are safe.
But when you get to catch the thief, it's fun!


About SnappLock

SnappLock is an Application Locker for Android phones. It allows you to lock any and all applications installed on your mobile device. When SnappLock is enabled, it prompts the user to enter a passcode and only allows the application to be opened when the correct passcode is entered.

Why  SnappLock?

Today, many mobile applications use personal and confidential data of the users which needs to be protected. While the master lock used on mobile devices ensure that devices cannot be unlocked without the passcode, they cannot ensure the safety of user data, when devices are left unlocked. This is where SnappLock comes in, where the main purpose is to keep the data in important applications safe. SnappLock provides many additional features to not just protect your device, but also identify the intruder. It also sends you notification about intrusion attempts in real time, thus ensuring safety of your data and device.

Security Mechanisms for Android Devices to Protect Application Data and Provide Information about Intrusion Attempts in Real Time

{Published in International Journal of Computer Applications (Volume:104- Number 16)}


The amount of data being stored on Mobile Devices, particularly Android Devices, is increasing rapidly. Using passcodes to lock applications solves this problem to some extent but, this only protects the data and does not provide any information about the intruder's identity. This paper explores existing technologies that can be used to store the identity of the intruder and inform the users about intrusion in real time.

Authors: Arjun Bhadra | Rohit Joshi | Adwait Vyas

SnappLock Features

  • Intruder ID: Captures an image from front camera of the device on entering wrong passcode.
  • SMS Alert: If enabled, Sends an SMS to a specified number upon entering wrong passcode thrice.
  • Alert Tone: If enabled, Plays an alert tone upon entering wrong passcode thrice.
  • Auto start Service: If enabled, Automatically enables SnappLock upon reboot.
  • Relock Policy: If enabled, Unlocks all the applications for a specified time period.

Lock Screen

Lock Screen

Lock Screen


Intruder Shield Notification

Intruder Log

Application List

SnappLock Glossary


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is SnappLock a paid application?
  • No. It is completely free, and always will be.
  • What is the default passcode?
  • The default passcode is 1234.
  • What all passcode methods does SnappLock provide?
  • Currently, SnappLock only allows a numeric passcode. But it will support other methods in the future.
  • What Android version do I need for SnappLock to work?
  • SnappLock currently requires Android 2.0.3 or above.
  • When I try to download the application, it says "Your device isn't compatible with this version."?
  • This may happen if your device has lower version of Android than 2.0.3 or if it is a tablet.
  • What other feature do you plan to include?
  • The application is in Beta stage. We plan to add many more features in the future.
  • Can SnappLock be deleted from my device without entering the passcode?
  • Not if the Package Installer application is locked.

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